Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Library West Branch Organization

An organization chart for the Library West Branch has been posted on this site and at This chart reflects the new structure effective June 27, 2008.

Shelley Arlen will serve as Chair and LeiLani Freund will serve as Associate Chair. There will be four coordinators to oversee the major service functions of the branch. Coordinators for Collections Services and Circulation & Stack Maintenance Services will report to the Chair. Coordinators for Research Services and Instruction & Outreach Services will report to the Associate Chair. Circulation and stack maintenance staff will report to the Chair, as will the collection support staff. Reference support staff will report to the Associate Chair.

Once the Coordinators are appointed, the remaining faculty will be assigned to report to either the Chair or Associate Chair. Tenure homes for faculty are unchanged pending the LFA recommendation for a new structure and its acceptance.

Other changes that will be effective June 27th include the following:

  • Adrian Zeck will relocate to Marston, reporting to Vernon Kisling.
  • Aimee Barrett will remain in Library West, reporting to Patrick Reakes.
  • Paul McDonough and Evan Wack will remain in Library West, reporting to Will Chaney.

The Library West building will continue to serve as the home for other Smathers Libraries offices that are not part of the Library West Branch. This includes Facilities, Business Services & Human Resources, and the Smathers Libraries Administration. Library West will also remain the home for some faculty from Special & Area Studies Collections and for the new Access Support unit that provides system-wide services such as inter-library loan, e-reserves and copyright, as well as circulation policy and procedures.

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