Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Systems Department Reorganization

A revised organization chart for the Systems Department effective July 2008 has been posted on this site and at

As we have discussed in many of our meetings on the reorganization of the Smathers Libraries, we need to consolidate our information technology support in the Smathers Libraries. In addition to the twelve staff in the Systems Department, we currently have nine staff outside Systems with primary information technology support assignments. Most of these individuals have IT titles in the University staff classification scheme, even though they may also have significant non-IT assignments. There are also many other individuals with more limited IT Liaison assignments who are not being reassigned as part of this reorganization.

In order to be more efficient and effective, we are incorporating the nine external IT staff into the Systems Department effective June 27, 2008. These individuals will remain in their current
locations initially, and will report to the department head directly or through one of the three units in the Systems Department:
  • Michael Jay will join the Software Unit.
  • Laurie Brennan, Scott Fagen, Michael Howell, Paul McDonough, Patricia Ruwell and Evan Wack will join the Network/Hardware Unit.
  • Matthew Daley will join Tom Minton to form the Web Unit.
  • Jason Fleming will report to the Department Head when he completes his assignment as interim Chair of Acquisitions and Licensing.

Bill Covey and Will Chaney are committed to a smooth transition and will work with each of the nine individuals and their current departments to ensure an orderly transfer of service responsibilities. Over time, as the cross-training necessary to familiarize the new Systems staff with operations throughout the Libraries takes place, the primary support positions will rotate to provide backup and redundancy for all areas.

The Systems Department is committed to sustaining the high level of service provided through the current structure and to improving service as the integration and cross training progress.

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